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CRJS 4301 – Ethics in Law Enforcement – Moral Theories  Written: September 11, 2018  Article Critique      It is known that to be a successful police officer one must understand that making sound decision is a critical component to the process. However, on Thursday, September 06, 2018 at about 9:59pm in Dallas, TX, an off-duty […]

I just started this new reading plan in the Bible. Come join me. Click the photo below to join the reading plan. It is only 4 days. Let’s chat about it. Poets & Saints Day 1 – Sep 8 Devotional Day 2 – Sep 9 Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 Day 3 – Sep 10 Galatians 6:9 Day 4 – Sep 11 […]

Verse of the day Ecclesiastes 3:11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end

Gone is the day of tolerance. We have morphed into this space of feelings and emotion where logic cannot exist. Watching the “idiot box” you would think that this country and the world around it cannot be redeemed. I, however, do not believe such idiocracy.   We all have the right, the God-given born right, […]

In response to writing prompt: “History of Language.”  Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”  Herbert J.C. Grierson, ed. (1886–1960). Metaphysical Lyrics & Poems of the 17th C. 1921.  John Donne

This is a dress I found at the Composite World Conference in Dallas, TX. It is actually made of composite material that is used on planes, etc. This is just to show how flexible this material can be. I thought it was pretty unique and sexy, therefore, I had to take a photo of it […]

Never judge another’s path in life. Just because you don’t know, does not mean you won’t know. Everyone has to go thru the valley. We just stumble upon it at different times.  #BeEncouraged and most of all #LiveFree & #LoveOnPurpose regardless because we simply #GetWhatWeGive out of this life #ChooseWisely 😉

For today’s UBC, we are recommended the following post idea for today: Did you know that on this day in 1960, 15 year old Brenda Lee got a #1 hit with “I’m Sorry”? Or that in 1999, Dave Cone pitched a perfect game (the 16th ever to happen in major league history)? Write a “This […]

For our Day 16 UBC prompt, we were recommended the following: Ever get a song stuck in your head? Or do you have a favorite song lyric? How about a motto or creed that you live by (like, “Every Day Counts,” or “There are no failures, only lessons.”) Share a song lyric or the phrase […]

On Day 15 of UBC, we were recommended the following for a blog post: Have an AMA Day! AMA, or, Ask Me Anything, is where you invite your community to ask a question in the comment box, and you answer them! WOW – talk about getting engagement! Bonus tip – when someone asks a question, […]

Day 13 is 7-13 (if we ignore the year). This is a prime number (it cannot be divided by any number other than itself and 1). OK – I am a math geek! Do you have a favorite number? A lucky number perhaps? What is it and why? Write a post today about a number. Maybe […]

For Day #11 Ultimate Blog Challenge, UBC, we are asked to share a photo from our personal photo from our latest travelling adventure. We were asked what makes this photo interesting. What makes it interesting? Who are you with? Since we as a culture are quick to post a photo on social media, today would be […]

In Day #10 of Ultimate Blog Challenge, UBC, we are asked to write a list of things, since people love to write lists to help them out in life or in certain situations. 10 list items are recommended since this is day ten of our challenge, but we can write 5 to 7.  If you […]

Today, write about what inspires you? Who inspires you? Can you inspire someone else in your post for today?  (I hope this post is not confusing, I might have confused myself. Good Luck 😉 ) We are on Day 9 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, yup, that is right, Day 9. Still here. I am […]

We have made it a full week for the UBC, Ultimate Blog Challenge. I usually would’ve gotten sidetracked by now. So, I am happy I am staying on task. For our challenge today, it is pretty relaxed considering it is Sunday. For today, we are asked to post a video on our site and write a few sentences about […]

On day seven of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, UBC, we are asked to write about something fun that we like to do in our business or personal life. This is to encourage engagement and for our your readers to know more about you.