Cringe with Anger

Anger? What is anger? What does angry look like? Who does anger look like? How is anger expressed? Is anger really bad? Where does the feeling of anger come from and what is it’s purpose?

I don’t think I know the answers to any of those questions. My understanding of these traits is as follows.

Anger is an emotion that we express loudly in the United States without regard. There is a tendency to say I’m mad and you better acknowledge me right this very second. Without feeling that we are responsible for the words that we say. Most of the time there is no valid reason for the anger, except to be angry.

The absolute beautiful part is that we can choose who we want to be around. Who we want to be around us. We get to choose our own way. The issue is that we all are accountable for our actions and responses to others and the environment. No person can make another person do anything. A partner cannot make their partner cheat on them, even tho they would like to say differently. It takes two people to ruin a relationship, not just one. Even in an abusive relationship, we can choose to stay or to leave. It may hurt, but the choice it ultimately ours. Now, I am not speaking of children who are still cared for by their parent or guardian. However, the parent or guardian is accountable and responsible for rearing responsible citizens.

Anger is an emotion that blinds and binds. It does free anyone, you are trapped within that illusion os self-righteousness. Now, I am not saying that I don’t get angry, however, I do not stay angry. It makes no sense for me to be angry and uncomfortable while the person I am angry with does not lose a step or a nights sleep. In short, it is a useless emotion. Follow your heart, that is where your truth is.

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌

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