Driving Me Krayzie ;) – “Live Free & Love On Purpose!!”

Don’t let foolishness that is received from others be the

Reason that you leave your peace for retaliation

Incidents will arise that will cause pause, however

Violence never solved anything EVER

Each one of us needs to be Loved On Purpose 😉

This is the post I needed for today’s events. This morning we went to the grocery store to get our Sunday donuts for our coffee date at home. 😉 As we were pulling into the parking lot there was this, crossover type, of the truck that pulled in front of us. Not a big deal. We are all going the same way.

But, the car in front of us slowed down as if he was going to pull over or park. So, we went around him, as anyone probably would. I don’t think we were supposed to wait for him to figure out wtf he wanted to do.

Anywhoo, we go around the crossover type of truck, and park in an awesome spot, right in front of the door. We all know that space right next to the basket return, and the front door. So, as we were getting out of the car, he had out his big ole iPhone and took a picture of our car. WTF.

As I say to myself, here we go with all of this bs that the ‘idiot box’ spews and people believe. My husband addressed the, older man looked to be about in his 60’s or something. He wouldn’t say anything and just drove off. So, he took a picture of his car. Childish, I know, but that’s all we could think to react to such foolish and unnecessary behavior.

I mean, how can you boldly take a picture of someone in broad daylight and then drive away after someone asks you wtf are you taking my picture. I mean, wtf are you? And  WTF are you going to do with this picture?

We were having lunch with our cousin the yesterday and he told us about and experience he had while visiting Dallas this week. He went to the ‘grocery store’ (what is it with the grocery store folks) and he was parking but I guess someone else got the parking space first. Again, no problem, he didn’t care. However, the lady got out of the car and told him they were going to move their car. He, of course, was baffled but told her don’t worry about it. Then the husband gets out of the car, looks at our cousin and says, YES, we will move it right away. “Your people” have killed enough of us already and we don’t want to be another victim. Of course, my cousin was confuzzled and just drove off. (Side note my cousin is an awesome mixture of Korean, black, Hispanic, and other ingredients, but not what he was accused of being a “terrorists)

Again, you can tell the folks that take heed to the ‘idiot box’ and all it has to say. People, we must do better and be better. We cannot allow the narrative of another, control what we know is right as a person. We have a moral responsibility to humanity to spread unity not division. If we are to seek information on certain issues and topics, before sharing what you have heard, it is your responsibility and mine to make sure we research further to make sure we are not being led by the nose for the end game of another.

We just need to do better. This incident this morning left me feeling quite uneasy because I know that nothing good can come from this. I am not sure of his intention, however, I am sure that he took a picture of my car and then drove off. Why? Who knows. All I know is that we mind our own business are we are pretty well-known at our grocery store. One of the staff there saw what happened and she even thought it was weird and she was wondering why he was following us. Did he take a picture because we are a minority couple, my husband is Korean. Did he not like our car, was it not suitable for him? Or was he just pissy because we went around him? Whatever the reason, it was foolish and I pray that this is the end of this saga.

I just wanted to share this before the details left my, poor little brain.

BellaPoo says: WOOF! and Thanks for dropping by and have a great week and Drive safe

☆☆Happy Blogging☆☆ Drop By Anytime 😉 

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌


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