Great Pretenders Worthy To Be Praised

Perceived relations

Resemble complications

Etched without reason

Treated like out of season

Eagerly we run

Never finding the suns

Dawn pretense

Pretending has become a fact of everyday life. We pretend to understand. But, do we understand that we pretend? I mean, what is pretending?

Who has officially defined it? And, who gave them permission to define it in the first place?

Some people are considered to be ‘the greatest pretender’. They usually can be found on the red carpet trying to convince the world that they are ‘worthy to be praised’. For the most part, we believe it, because they live in million dollar homes that we have all paid for. I will pretend to be okay with that fact.

I really had a thought for this prompt, but it left me. So, just pretend that I wrote something clever here.

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