Minimal Labels that Label

Nevermind that the facts usually delude us into thinking that their fallacy is actually accuracy

Eventually we will have to venture outside of the box, that society has placed us in

Where our vulnerability will be exposed. What vulnerability, you ask? The kind that allows us to

Show ourselves, and others, that we have the power to choose our own path. Not the path that has been

Pushed on us by the powers that be. What is good news? Bad news? Is No news, truly, good news?

All that seems to be uniform to me is that most news is no news. Or just useless information to keep the

People distracted from the realities that truly plague our nations. There are invisible voices and forces in place

Even though, all of these things exists all around us. We all, have the power to choose our destinies. With that all said and done, just

Remember to always, Live Free & Love On Purpose because only we have the power to choose what happens to us.

In Response to Blogging Univ. One-Word Prompt: Minimal

☆☆Happy Blogging☆☆ Drop By Anytime 😉 

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌


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