Live Free and Love On Purpose

     Such a simple statement yet so hard to do. What is it to live free? What is it to live? What does it mean to Love? And what does love have to do with living free?

     It’s just a motto I decided to live by a few years back when my life changed and merged with another life.

     You know it’s interesting when you feel like your past life was actually, another life. Not sure if that made any sense. It did in my head. Sometimes there are unavoidable events that take place in our lives that force us to reevaluate our outlook on life. Therefore, we must decide what type of life we want to have for ourselves and loved ones.

     Weird, that we are born alone ahs will leave this earth alone. No matter how many people are there, no one will be able to comprehend your new journey in the afterlife. We must live for today because that is all we have. Nobody promised us tomorrow. 

So, I say to all of my readers:

Live Free and Love On Purpose (make the devil mad by “Loving On Purpose.”) And the rest will work itself out.

☆☆Happy Blogging☆☆ Drop By Anytime 😉

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌


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