The Champ In Us All



Only through struggle and persistence can we take advantage of the special talents we have hidden within. It’s not the Super Bowl that I wear, but the character and resolve I exhibit during the downtimes that defines me as a champion.”

Excerpt from this book. I really did enjoy this book and alot of what he had to say. This champions quote came from the above book.

(This book is not to offend anyone or their views. I try to read every point of view available)

Character & Situation Ethics:


“There is a concept being taught in the public school system today that comes under a heading of “Situation Ethics”. It promotes the ideology that ethics change based on the situation. An obvious result of this philosophy is selfishness. When the ethical compass can be arbitrarily changed based on how it impacts “self”, concepts that form the foundation of long term relations vanish i.e. loyalty, trustworthiness, honesty and commitment. For our family, community or country to prosper our children must be taught, in no uncertain terms, that ethics has nothing to do with our situation…..instead it is having the courage, character and conviction to adhere to a compass established by a higher source that tells us to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

In Response to Blogging University’s One-Word Prompt: Champion

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