How to be Free and Live UBC5

On day 5  of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, we were asked to write a step by step guide on how to do something. For me, I decided to write about an experience I had. Sort of an ‘ah ha’ moment.
I wrote a post awhile back asking “Can you live free and love on purpose?” Is there something or someone in your life that is not allowing you to live the life you were born to live? Did you have an experience that caused you to back away from life? If so, then today is the day to return to your purpose.
You ever have a conversation with someone that disagreed with you and your purpose? I have. It is a shame that in this day and age you cannot have an adult conversation with another person without it turning into something racial or violent. 
In my life, I have made a decision not to engage in conversations with others when it comes to religion or politics. It may seem or sound like a cowardly choice, however, I believe that it is something that is not up for debate, for me. I am not trying to convert anyone nor am I trying to get confirmation on my beliefs. 
I have a rule when it comes to disagreements and that is, people can feel how they want to feel. They can get angry with me or even hate me. It is none of my business how they feel because those feelings have nothing to do with me. These feelings are theirs. 
So the next time someone tries to get in your face about some disagreement, try to remember that the disagreement is something they re having with themselves and you just challenged their beliefs. There are some people who are resentful of the challenge. 
Just say to yourself, what I say to myself.
This has nothing to do with me.
What they are going through is none of your concern, unless they are going to hurt themselves physically. People need to be less sensitive and into their emotions and focus on things that matter, like love, empathy, compassion and understanding. Without these things, what is the point of life?
So, just remember to live free and love on purpose and God will handle the rest. I promise. 

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34 thoughts on “How to be Free and Live UBC5”

  1. This is so true, I always try and put disagreements into perspective. You have no idea what is going on behind closed doors so important to have compassion


  2. I admire you for not getting into conversations about religion or politics – these things are often very personal to ourselves and we shouldn’t have to justify our beliefs.


  3. I think that is a great way of handling disagreements. I can understand not wanting to mention politics or religion. It just doesn’t seem to go anywhere unless they agree with you already and then you really aren’t gaining much from the conversation. People want to fight too often now.


  4. I’m afraid I’m tangled and tied down by a couple of duties in my life. Exchanging them for total freedom would mean to cut back e. g. on travelling so I’d relinquish there….it’s always a compromise.


  5. I have made a decision not to engage in conversations with others when it comes to religion or politics as well, and I don’t consider it a cowardly choice, but more of a clever one.
    I have met people that hold me back from my goals and unfortunately I couldn’t see it for a while, but when I did I made sure to leave them behind and live freely and in the way I wanted. It’s important to find balance in life and understand when to fight blindly for your opinions and when all the stress and trouble is just not worth it.


  6. I totally agree, religion and politics are not always great ideas for a conversation. I tend to avoid them as they can be a bit controversial and cause arguments depending on the mentality of the person I am speaking to.


  7. With so much hostility and violence in this world, I have always strived on living in peace much as possible. Life is too fleeting!


  8. I completely understand Sabrina. It can be a struggle sometimes debating with others. Especially when they get so emotional that the subject-matter of the debate is lost. I’m with you all the way.


  9. Once I used to debate much more than now with people with opinion who were far different than mines. Now I do it only when I know that by what other people tell me can truly give me a new insight on my opinion. I don’t like having fights and trying to persuade others with words is too stressful. If I can do it with actions, that’s fine. This i can’t persuade with m actions I can’t persuade with words


  10. What an interesting article to write about. I like your mantra about “this has nothing to do with me” that is a great one to remember!


  11. That’s such a positive way to view disagreements and I think it helps to be more understanding when it comes to who you’re having a disagreement with. I totally agree about the disagreement being with themselves because that’s what usually happens until they decide to open their mind to this opinion and understand it.


  12. What a great topic to write about. When I disagree with a person, I just let them off the hook. It’s like they are still conditioned to society ways. They are not living authentically. If they were, then the disagreement would not occur. Most people respond with their EGO. I am too old, and I always say I don’t have time for drama. I am not in high school. So if they do not like me or what I have to say it’s their business. Two people in my life say I am wasting my time with my Master Degree and they say it’s a waste of money and education. This is why I said what I said. In ten years I am still in college with all As.


  13. I agree. I sometimes stay away from conversations regarding religion or spiritual beliefs and politics because there are sadly a lot of people these days who can get really hostile and offended when you express your opinions or belief about something which they don’t agree with. I do, talk about these kind of topics freely with civilized and open minded people privately and not in public. Topics like the building a stronger and better wall at the borders, sporting a MAGA cap, supporting ang agreeing to the policies of Trump, disagreeing to certain demands and practices of the LGBT+, Will get you demonize or physically harass by those who don’t agree with you. I do not and will never hurt the ones who don’t agree with my beliefs or opinions but sadly… We live in a world where a lot of uncivilized, immature and violent people run amuck. They’ll call you names and label you then hurt you… and it sucks when they get away with it. :/


  14. This take of yours is really well put!

    “try to remember that the disagreement is something they re having with themselves and you just challenged their beliefs”


  15. I posted a quote by Martha Gramham on my Insta recently: What people in the world think of you is really none of your business. I completely agree with both of you.

    This take of yours “try to remember that the disagreement is something they re having with themselves and you just challenged their beliefs” is very well put!


  16. I like your mantra “this has nothing to do with me.” It helps a lot when facing critic about the work you do or how you handle live situations.


  17. Whew! No biting! Um… er… seriously, this post expresses so much wisdom in these days of mean hositility. I especially like this:”It is none of my business how they feel because those feelings have nothing to do with me. These feelings are theirs.” Yes! So true! I don’t have to take ownership of someone else’s feelings and just knowing that is so good.


  18. Thank you Fran. You are right, I do enjoy an adult exchange, but I refuse to feel like I need to defend my beliefs. But, I love to hear others tell e their stories, I am all ears. 😉


  19. We think alike. I actually don’t mind a high level conversation with someone who has opposing thoughts, I just don’t want to debate them, defend myself or feel the stress of judgement. I love to hear others share and them allow me to share as we respect and appreciate our differences. Nowadays, I choose to set that boundary before a conversation. If we can’t agree on those conditions, that’s fine. I just won’t engage. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed it.


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