On This Day Nero’s Great Fire UBC #18

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Did you know that on this day in 1960, 15 year old Brenda Lee got a #1 hit with “I’m Sorry”? Or that in 1999, Dave Cone pitched a perfect game (the 16th ever to happen in major league history)?

Write a “This Day in History” post.

You can always find out by going to:


and seeing what happened on this day.

On this day, July 18, 64 there was the Great Fire of Rome that began under Emperor Nero.


Nero is a Roman Emperor formally named Nero Claudios Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who is the last in the Julio-Claudian Dynasty.

Nero was born December 15, 37 in Antium, Italy and died at the age of 30 by assisted suicide on June 9, 68.

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