Soon it will be nightfall, which would surely seal their fate.

     Left then right, up then down. Where does this road lead to? How do I get to my destination? How does the life of the past coincide with the life of the present? Can anything new be learned by taking a new uncharted path or does the same old produce new experiences? We go through situations in our lives to prepare us for the things that are yet to come. All of the pain, hurt, love and happiness help to mold us all into better people. Sometimes taking a narrow path is what is needed in order to reach our goals. Live your best life unapologetically and remember to be thankful and humble for all that you experience and go through. Love is God and God is love, by keeping that in your mind and heart, there is nothing you cannot do and you will not be lost in this crazy world.

This post is in response to the following daily prompts:

RagTag Daily Prompt: Lost

Word of the Day Challenge: Dislike

Fandango One Word Challenge: Orbit

Haunted Wordsmith Photo Prompt: Prompt C

Putting My Feet in the Dirt: Day 10


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