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Healed From The Shadows

Happiness is a state of being Empathy is the state of seeing All is capable within us, to Live free and love on purpose😆      Healing is something we do daily and probably moment by moment. But, being alive is another day to make ourselves better than yesterday. Don’t we owe that to our…

Mind Your Own Fragrance

The fragrance of betrayal is deafening. It keeps us from acknowledging the pain and confusion we cause in others, as well as ourselves. The fragrance of self-righteousness is warming and consoling. It causes us to believe we are above the fray. When in reality we are the cause of dismay.

United We Stand

I totally love this guy, Colion Noir, and I have NEVER been on the #BLM bandwagon because I feel that it is an extremist group no different than any other hate group. However, like the video states, who is fighting for our 2nd Amendment gun rights. I know that our country is not perfect, far…


Believing   Reaches   Each heart   As well as our own. Knowledge brings Truth to our existence Having faith in our thoughts Resonates in our actions Occasionally we can be Utterly unjustified in our actions, but Gaining wisdom from them with accountability Have tremendous effects on our realities. 

Minimal Signs**LFLOP

These past years if you may have experienced Heartache Heartbreak Betrayal Loss Loneliness Humiliation Or said nothing when he told you that, “Because you’re a wife and a mother, you can’t…” wear those pants, because your but will stick out Go to happy hour after work, unless your picking up men Have single friends, because they cause problems…