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Drifting on a Memory

 Sunday, 4/5/15 Just write aimlessly for about twenty minutes and see what it is that you can come up with. Let me see what is on the menu of this cluttered mind of mine. First off, Last week of March 2015, my oldest daughter graduated from college with her bachelor’s degree in culinary management, I…

Clones R’Us

The movie, Multiplicity shows Michael Keaton cloning himself many times. After each successful clone was created it had less intelligence than the previous clone, Mr. Keaton himself. The decline in intelligence would be a turnoff to my wish to clone myself unless I delegate each clone to the right place. I guess it could work in my favor.

Bedtime Realities

Before we end this amazing journey. Let me show my appreciation for all that you are Each day brings new questions. Questions, for me, bring interesting adventures Do you ever wonder if our dreams are or real lives and our awake lives are truly dreams

Decisions Decisions

Ok. So, since I received my New passport, it’s time to go put her to some use. Now, my current issue is where, oh where do we go? The catch is we’re trying to leave this week. Yea, we’re last-minute kind of people. We’re the type of people who’ll buy their ticket to a performance…

Breakthrough R’Us

Believing  Reaches  Each heart  As well as our own. Knowledge brings Truth to our existence Having faith in our thoughts Resonates in our actions Occasionally we can be Utterly unjustified in our actions, but Gaining wisdom from them with accountability Have tremendous effects on our realities.  Being able to cipher through the muddled airwaves of…

Reversed Openness

Occasionally, I have been reprimanded for my lack of openness. My unwillingness to let others in, for the mere Pleasure of relieving their boredom. This, for me is not something that I can do easily or readily for it does not compute. Each conversation and connection we encounter is different from the last or the…

Darkness of Light

Dim is the world’s light  Arrogant with might  Respectfully forgiven  Kinship without tradition  Necessary pause  Extended with cause  Shocked by the disconnect Sold lies on the internet   What is darkness? It could be the light that brings us darkness. For it is said, that one cannot exist without the other.

Continue to LiveFree in 2018

Finally, 2017 is ending and we are entering into 2018. Normally, I would be trying to convince myself that next year will be better. But, in all honesty, there’s nothing that I’d want to change from this great. Every experience has brought me closer to accepting life as it is. Not as the image we’d…