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Pleased Steps

Senitmental is how she felt nineteen years ago today  Ernestly she tried to hold onto that moment in time  Never wanting it to end, because it was so precious  The joy in her heart was more than she could believe Is this what love is supposed to feel like Might this capture a glimpse of…

Takes The Cake

My birthday gift from my awesome hubby. I am so thankful to be loved by you. I can’t help, falling in love, with you. 😉 Because of you, I am reminded daily that I matter and need to take time for myself to be loved. Sometimes, when we allow others to lean on us and…

We’re All Connected

How are we connected? Are we connected? Should we be connected? Which connection do we need the most? The least? How can one tell? Who freaking knows. All we can do is: Consider the reasons why someone wants to connect. Being Oblivious to the signs placed in front of us, is

Casually Me LivingFree

Carefully she remembers how her trust had been broken Ever since that day, her life was unspoken Love was something, she decided, she was now over Every relationship was included family, friend, and lover She understands that this is not truly living Therefore transparency is what she must start giving I say this to you…

Hear Me Roar *Meow*

Leo’s & LoVe  Element: Fire  Quality: Fixed  Ruler: Sun  Symbol: Lion Leos were made for love and romance and no one knows that better than they do. Leo is the rightful heir as “King & Queen of Hearts”: confident, proud, and passionate, they set the standard that others may follow but few match.