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FAQs About FTP, SFTP, and SSH Credentials

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Adding credentials for your site has huge benefits when you’re using VaultPress. It lets you restore your site, allows us to help you further if you run into issues, and overall improves the performance of the VaultPress plugin.

What are these credentials though? As a Happiness Engineer, I get asked a variety of questions every day about these credentials and thought it would be helpful to go over what they are, and why you should add them. I’ll also share some common questions we get about them.

What are FTP, SFTP, and SSH credentials?

For starters, I can tell you what they are NOT:

  • Your WordPress.org login
  • Your WordPress.com login
  • Your host’s control panel login

In short, these credentials are ways to access the files that make up your site. Rather than logging in using your WordPress.org login to access your dashboard, these login credentials let you access all of the files that…

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