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12 Things About Me

Welcome to my blog of confusion. Why is it so confusing? I have no idea? It just is. Once I get my brain to slow down enough for me to transcribe its contents I’d be amazing.  I looked around the web for some ideas on how to build an ‘About Me’ page for my blog.…

About LiveFree LoveOnPurpose

Welcome and Get Ready to LiveFree & LoveOnPurpose HA! You found me. I bet you didn’t even realize you were looking for me huh? Huh? Huh? Did Yah? Well, Welcome. I am glad you made it. For starters, my name is Celeste aka SunDragonLady. I had another blog, which was self-hosted called sundragonlady.org. But, I…

Drifting on a Memory

 Sunday, 4/5/15 Just write aimlessly for about twenty minutes and see what it is that you can come up with. Let me see what is on the menu of this cluttered mind of mine. First off, Last week of March 2015, my oldest daughter graduated from college with her bachelor’s degree in culinary management, I…

Clones R’Us

The movie, Multiplicity shows Michael Keaton cloning himself many times. After each successful clone was created it had less intelligence than the previous clone, Mr. Keaton himself. The decline in intelligence would be a turnoff to my wish to clone myself unless I delegate each clone to the right place. I guess it could work in my favor.


Imagine, if you will Masks easily healed Monarchs, no longer have their zeal Every soul knew exactly what to feel Reality is not really real Socrates knew the deal Immerse yourself in what you know to be true Oh, and remember to toss the trash when you’re thru, so Nothing will stop you, from believing…

Bedtime Realities

Before we end this amazing journey. Let me show my appreciation for all that you are Each day brings new questions. Questions, for me, bring interesting adventures Do you ever wonder if our dreams are or real lives and our awake lives are truly dreams

Life’s Student

For our assignment today we were to go through our dashboard to see if there are any unfinished posts. If so, then find one, finish it, then publish it. Well, here is a poem from September 13, 2010. It was already finished, just needed to be read by someone other than myself. Enjoy.

Massively Suspicious

Massive rants are allowed this day Actually I hate it has to be this way Sadly the thought of responsibility eludes you Simple was the job you were supposed to do Intentionally ignorant you must strive to be Viciously irresponsible is just not me Especially, while I am living free

Disappearing Acts of Kindness

Gone is the day of tolerance. We have morphed into this space of feelings and emotion where logic cannot exist. Watching the “idiot box” you would think that this country and the world around it cannot be redeemed. I, however, do not believe such idiocracy.   We all have the right, the God-given born right,…