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2 The Moon Alice!!

This is a really simple prompt that requires a real simple answer. There is nothing I won’t do for the ones I love. I think that really stems to less than ten people. That is my children, parents and my love, I will trade places with them to prevent them from harm. Advertisements

Cringe with Anger

Anger? What is anger? What does angry look like? Who does anger look like? How is anger expressed? Is anger really bad? Where does the feeling of anger come from and what is it’s purpose? I don’t think I know the answers to any of those questions. My understanding of these traits is as follows.…

The Heart Don’t Mind

The Heart Don’t Mind Mind: You drive, I’ll get the GPS set up on the Bluetooth so we won’t get lost. Heart: How can we get lost going to the neighborhood grocery store? (sighs) I swear you over think things. Mind: I over think things? You don’t think enough always going with your gut feeling.…

Them There Eyes

Them There Eyes She saw a random online photo of a pair of eyes staring back at her that resembled her own. The eyes seemed to tell a story that was riddled with pain and loneliness as well as confusion. She immediately became imprisoned by them

Just Ramblings

 Sunday, 4/5/15 Just write aimlessly for about twenty minutes and see what it is that you can come up with. Let me see what is on the menu of this cluttered mind of mine. First off, Last week of March my oldest daughter graduated from college with her bachelors degree in culinary management, I am…