Was your 2017 Cozy?

The end of the year of 2017 is finally upon us. It’s time to reflect on the good, the bad, the ugly as well as the indifferent. It is all relevant and helped us all to arrive at this destination together.

We’ve seen a new U.S. President be named, we’ve seen countless riots disguised as protests. We’ve watched the NFL become political, when they should just be throwing touchdowns, the one thing they are paid to do. We’ve seen family and friends disintegrate due to their personal beliefs. Such a tragedy.

Hopefully, 2018 will bring some overdue peace to those who are still in an uproar since January 2017. Let’s all be realistic that the problems we are facing did not just manifest themselves this year. If anything they’ve been brought to our afternoon, unapologetically. These issues we must all, collectively be brood accountable for them. Even when we are silent, we have still chosen a side.

So, for the rest of 2017, forget the past, since it cannot bee changed. But focus on your future. Make it full of love, understanding, empathy, and all of the coziness you can muster. Life is what we make it and I choose to LiveFree and LoveOnPurpose into God says otherwise.

Happy New Year Everyone. 👌🏾🎉🎉🎉💯

Healed From The Shadows

Happiness is a state of being

Empathy is the state of seeing

All is capable within us, to

Live free and love on purpose😆

     Healing is something we do daily and probably moment by moment. But, being alive is another day to make ourselves better than yesterday. Don’t we owe that to our former selves of yesterday to be better today? Continue reading Healed From The Shadows