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Me & My Limerick

A poem about the imperfect nature of someone or something. Here is my installment to this assignment. What it is she truly wrote Will make you want to gag and choke It’s not in her nature to pout or complain She’ll just pick herself back up and try once again But, maybe it’s best we end…

Let’s Think About This

I agree with you, Mr. Barkley. Those statues never did anything to stop me from living my life to the fullest. You cannot erase history and it is foolish to think you could. And why all of a sudden did everyone wake up at the same time pissed off at the statues? I don’t get…

Life’s Carousel

This carousel makes me ill Always circling what’s not real Round we go with no direction Only to feel the sting of neglecting Until we end this vicious cycle of confusion Self-esteem will be nothing more than an illusion Enter each day with “glass half-full” direction LivingFree and LovingOnPurpose will be the conclusion

Just A Little Side Note

I swear some folks boycott and protest the wrong things. Why not do this when Ray Rice knocked the hell out of his GF, now wife, on camera and the NFL tried to cover it up until the video went viral. Just like this guy had the right to take a knee for the National…


Before we end this amazing journey. Let me show my appreciation for all that you are Each day brings new questions. Questions, for me, bring interesting adventures Do you ever wonder if our dreams are or real lives and our awake lives are truly dreams

Partner to Partner 🤗😉

Partners in time. Partners in crime. Partners in everything isn’t easy to find. If you can find a partner that compliments your life. Be sure to hold on to them with all of your might. A partner to me is unwavering loyalty. If this can be provided this partner can have all of me. Partners…

You Get What You Give

This is a really simple prompt that requires a real simple answer. There is nothing I won’t do for the ones I love. I think that really stems to less than ten people. That is my children, parents and my love, I will trade places with them to prevent them from harm.