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Great Pretenders or just Worthy To Be Praised

Perceived relations Resemble complications Etched without reason Treated like out of season Eagerly we run Never finding the suns Dawn pretense Pretending has become a fact of everyday life. We pretend to understand. But, do we understand that we pretend? I mean, what is pretending? Who has officially defined it? And, who gave them permission…


Before we end this amazing journey. Let me show my appreciation for all that you are Each day brings new questions. Questions, for me, bring interesting adventures Do you ever wonder if our dreams are or real lives and our awake lives are truly dreams

You Get What You Give

This is a really simple prompt that requires a real simple answer. There is nothing I won’t do for the ones I love. I think that really stems to less than ten people. That is my children, parents and my love, I will trade places with them to prevent them from harm.

Quietly Complicated

As you try to digest my Method To The Madness below. In our writing 201: Poetry course we were to write an Ode with the added touch of metaphors. In order to do that, I went through a few prompts of my own: Qualities to cover? What is it that allows? What is it that says? What…

Pleased Steps

Senitmental is how she felt nineteen years ago today  Ernestly she tried to hold onto that moment in time  Never wanting it to end, because it was so precious  The joy in her heart was more than she could believe Is this what love is supposed to feel like Might this capture a glimpse of…