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Goodbye Snookums

Goodbye Snookums   Dear snookums,   To me, you are like a very aggressive maggot and I’m not sure that I need a very aggressive maggot in my life right now.   Things started to go wrong when I caught you singing with my cat.   It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s just…

Fibbing Friday 05/17

This prompt “Fibbing Friday” comes from The Haunted Wordsmith (HWDP) on 05/17/2019. This challenge gives you a chance to do a little fibbing. You are to come up with your best tail to this week’s food-themed questions. Click the blog name to learn more about the challenges and to pingback your entry. Happy Writing!

Clones R’Us

The movie, Multiplicity shows Michael Keaton cloning himself many times. After each successful clone was created it had less intelligence than the previous clone, Mr. Keaton himself. The decline in intelligence would be a turnoff to my wish to clone myself unless I delegate each clone to the right place. I guess it could work in my favor.

Bedtime Realities

Before we end this amazing journey. Let me show my appreciation for all that you are Each day brings new questions. Questions, for me, bring interesting adventures Do you ever wonder if our dreams are or real lives and our awake lives are truly dreams

Wicked WickedNess All Around

In response to writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”  Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life. Evil? Write about evil? What is evil? It is something that resides in us all, whether people want to…